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Getting Started - How to Make Your Own Drapery

Generally speaking, when making your own drapery, you should first select the look and feel you want to create for your room. Sort through magazines and design books for ideas that speak to you. You may start to notice a style pattern that appeals to you. For example you may find your eye drawn to fun, quirky patterns or more classic streamlined décor. Once you notice a feel that speaks to you decide on the theme for your room; whether it’s preppy, classic, country or eclectic.

Now that you’ve decided on an overall theme the next step is to select the drapery fabric that will serve as an overall backdrop for your theme. For example brightly colored stripes are a smart choice for a preppy look or a flowery pattern for a country appeal.

With the fabrics selected now it’s time to think about your drapery style. There are a number of styles that will enhance your look. You can choose from valances, pleated curtains, café curtains are excellent enhancement in your kitchen…and the list goes on.