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About Drapery DIY

Drapery DIY is a drapery hardware supplier created to offer consumers affordable drapery supplies, drapery hardware supplies and drapery accessories. By selling to you direct, we are able to provide reasonably priced discount drapery hardware supplies to hobbyists and do-it-yourselfers. If you’re interested in enhancing your home décor, Drapery DIY is your one-stop-shop drapery hardware supplier.

Drapery DIY offers:
  • Professional-quality drapery supplies and accessories, textives and supplies
  • Smaller Quantities to suit hobbyist and do-it-yourselfers
  • Affordable metal drapery hardware supplies and materials

You can spend thousands of dollars on designers and mass-quantity drapery suppliers. Or, you can pack your room full of personality on a dime with the affordable drapery supplies from Drapery DIY for beginner do-it-yourselfers and expert hobbyists alike.

Drapery DIY TIPS

The decision to make your own drapery affords your room an unbounded personal style, look and feel that can only be found in your home. So you have the motivation, now where do you begin? Sometimes the hardest part is getting started. With unlimited drapery style and textile choices it can be daunting to sort through the endless sea of possibilities.

Here is a place to help you get started – your personal “how to make drapery” guide. In this do-it-yourself section we offer you a resource of “how to” articles to help make your drapery vision a reality.

We continue to develop and update this area to include step-by-step instruction, including video, to help you narrow the possibilities and complete your construction.

"How To" Articles:

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